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I'm using Castle Monorail with jQuery tabbed navigation.

When handling a controller action, I would like to redirect to a view, and control which tab is visible. Therefore, I'd like to have my controller redirecting to a specific anchor in a view, something along the lines of:

RedirectToAction("Edit", "id=1", "#roles"));

Resulting in the url:


However, the actual result encodes the # sign to %23


I'm surely missing a basic concept here. What do I need to do to solve this?

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It does not only encode the '#' sign, it simply refer to it as another query string parameter (adds '&' and '=')

I'd advise you to post this question to the users group of Castle Project, and even better - open issue on Castle's issue tracker.

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Not the best solution, but I used RedirectToUrl() and used a static url.

Another solution would be to use the Routing-engine and create the url yourself, and then add the actual hash.



Or something like that.

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