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I am trying to write a code that draws the road that the user have walked. I can get all the coordinates that user have passed now I have to implement the drawing road. But before doing it I have to know how to pass real world coordinates to BB screen as pixels. Can you give me a little information about it ?

Thank you

Here this the code that I have got all the coordinates of the road.

public RoutePaint() {

    locations = new Vector();
    locVector = new ButtonField("Locations Vector",


    myCriteria = new BlackBerryCriteria(GPSInfo.GPS_MODE_AUTONOMOUS);
    try {
        myProvider = (BlackBerryLocationProvider) LocationProvider

    } catch (LocationException e) {

    myProvider.setLocationListener(this, 3, -1, -1);


public void locationUpdated(LocationProvider provider, Location location) {
    // TODO Auto-generated method stub
    point = new Point();
    latitude = location.getQualifiedCoordinates().getLatitude();
    altitude = location.getQualifiedCoordinates().getAltitude();
    longitude = location.getQualifiedCoordinates().getLongitude();
    velocity = location.getSpeed();
    point.x = latitude;
    point.y = longitude;


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The following is the code to convert coordinates to screen pixels:

             XYPoint _xypoint = new XYPoint();
             Coordinates coords = getCoordinates();
         coords.setLatitude(Double.parseDouble((String) _latitude);
         coords.setLongitude(Double.parseDouble((String) _longitude);

             int x = _xypoint.x;
             int y = _xypoint.y;

where we assume that latitude and longitude are saved in variables _latitude and _longitude respectively.integer variable x and y consists converted screen pixels from coordinates.

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