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Suppose I have a class which is defined as below which is the exact scenario of my project that I am working on.

School school = new School();
public partial class School{
private List<Students> student= new List<Students>();
    public List<Students> Students
        get { return student; }
        set { invoice = student; }
 public partial class Students{
private List<Marks> mark= new List<Marks>();
    public List<Marks> Mark
        get { return mark; }
        set { mark= value; }

public partial class Marks{
public string m1;
public string m2;
public string m3;
private StudentDetails studetails= new StudentDetails ();
    public StudentDetails StudentDetails 
        get { return studetails; }
        set { studetails= value; }

    /// <remarks/>
    private TeacherDetails details= new TeacherDetails ();
    public TeacherDetails TeacherDetails 
        get { return details; }
        set { details= value; }
    public decimal totalmarks;   

In this method I am adding items to the list and displaying them in the gridview

   public void Addtogrid()
       school.Students[0].Marks.Add(new Students{m1= m1.Text, m2= m2.Text, m3= m3.Text });

        for (int i = 0; i < school.Students[0].Marks.Count; i++)
            school.Students[0].Marks[i].StudentDetails.Name= name.Text;
            school.Students[0].Marks[i].StudentDetails.Age= Convert.ToInt32(age.Text);
            school.Students[0].Marks[i].TeacherDetails.Name = tname.Text 
            school.Students[0].Marks[i].TeacherDetails.Age= tage.Text 

            school.Students[0].Marks[i].TotalMarks= (school.Students[0].Marks[i].StudentDetails.Age) * (school.Students[0].Marks[i].TeacherDetails.Age);
            GridView1.DataSource = school.Students[0].Marks;
            Session["BillXML"] = invoicetransmit;

 public void lblm1_OnDataBinding(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
        Label lbl = (Label)sender;
        lbl.Text = Eval("m1").ToString();
 public void lbltotalmarks_OnDataBinding(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
        Label lbl = (Label)sender;
        lbl.Text = Eval("totalmarks").ToString();---property does not exist

please let me know what is the binding expression for total marks to gridview. I am new to c#,lists , gridview ..

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I have accepted the answers which were provided to me ..I did'nt know what do I do to accept those answers..checked to the tick mark for the answers that were helpful for me so far.thanks –  Janet Mar 23 '11 at 16:39
you can close your question (below the c# tag) or I write a new answer you can accept –  ralf.w. Mar 23 '11 at 20:38
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