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The below function takes an array and checks to see if its keys and values match the specified datatypes.

I seem to be having some problems with the internal lambda functions that were previously working. I'm running PHP v5.3.6. They last worked under v5.3.4. They are complaining that the non-passed variable is not in scope. If I restate that variable as global then the error goes away, but the variable is empty.

 * @param array $arr, array to be tested
 * @param mixed $keytype
 * @param mixed $valuetype
 * @example acceptable_arr( array(1,2,3,4,'string'), NULL, 'integer') returns false
 * @example acceptable_arr( array('thing'=>1,'other'=>2), 'string', 'integer') returns true
 * @example acceptable_arr( array('thing'=>1,'other'=>2), 'string', 'array') returns false
function acceptable_arr(array $arr,$keytype=NULL,$valuetype=NULL){
     print_r(func_get_args()); //debugging

    $valfail=true; $keyfail=true;
    if($keytype==NULL && $valuetype==NULL) return true;

    if(!is_null($keytype)) {
            $fn_kfail=function($v){return call_user_func($keytest,$v);}; //PROBLEM LINE 218
            $keyfail=(!is_null($keytype)) ? array_sum(array_map($fn_kfail,array_keys($arr))) : false;

    if(!is_null($valuetype)) {
            $fn_vfail=function($v){return call_user_func($valtest,$v);}; //PROBLEM LINE 226
            $valfail=(!is_null($valuetype)) ? array_sum(array_map($fn_vfail,$arr)) : false;

    return  !($valfail && $keyfail);

Running the above function outputs this:

    [0] => Array
            [0] => main

    [1] => integer
    [2] => string

Notice: Undefined variable: keytest in line 218

Warning: call_user_func() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, no array or string given in line 218

Notice: Undefined variable: valtest in line 226

Warning: call_user_func() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, no array or string given in line 226

Where did the $keytest and $valtest values go? Why are they empty inside the lambda functions even if I declare them global like this?

  global $valtest; 
  return call_user_func($valtest,$v);
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function($v) use ($valtest) { ...

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This is probably related to this bug:

Which has been fixed in 5.3.6

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