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I get the error "Key Error: 'tempMax'".

Can anyone tell what the problem is with the following code:

def catagorise(self, day, cat, f):
    self.features.setdefault(cat, {f:{'high':0,'mid':0,'low':0}})

    if f == 'tempMean':
        if day.tempMean > 15.0:
            self.features[cat][f]['high'] += 1
        elif day.tempMean > 8.0 and day.tempMean < 15.0:
            self.features[cat][f]['mid'] += 1
        elif day.tempMean <= 8.0:
            self.features[cat][f]['low'] += 1       

    if f == 'tempMax':
        if day.tempMax > 15.0:
            self.features[cat][f]['high'] += 1
        elif day.tempMax > 8.0 and day.tempMax < 15.0:
            self.features[cat][f]['mid'] += 1
        elif day.tempMax <= 8.0:
            self.features[cat][f]['low'] += 1   

A day is an object which has variables such as mean temperature, max temperature etc. Cat is the category which it will be put into e.g 'Fog', 'Rain', 'Snow', 'None' and f is the feature to check e.g. 'tempMax'

The features dictionary is defined when the class is created.

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and the rest of the traceback? – MattH Mar 23 '11 at 16:48
@MattH The rest of the traceback would spoil the riddle – joaquin Mar 23 '11 at 17:04

The issue is in the setdefault call. f is set to tempMax but tempMax was never initialized. In this case it needs to be initialized as a dictionary because you have 'high' as a key


self.features[cat]['tempMax'] = {}

If you come from a php background then this is a common mistake. In python you have to initialize your dictionaries. They have to be initialized at every nested level. Common way to do it is...

except KeyError, e:
   self.features[cat] = {}

except KeyError, e:
   self.features[cat]['tempHigh'] = {}
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This really helped me. Thanks. – Sumeet Pareek Apr 4 '12 at 11:14

dict.setdefault() only sets the key once. If you pass 'tempMean' once then you will not get a chance to set tempMax.

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The first line of your method


sets self.features[cat] to the given value only if it is not already set, and does nothing otherwise. In the latter case, it might happen (and obviously happens) that the dictionary self.features[cat] does not have the key f, so trying to access self.features[cat][f] will raise a KeyError.

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