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I want to manage vendor branches in svn using the svn_load_dirs.pl script.

When I execute this script on my Mac OS X 10.5, perl v5.10.1 (*) built for darwin-multi-2level I get he following error message:

Argument "2.07_02" isn't numeric in subroutine entry at /usr/local/bin/svn_load_dirs line 22.

What does this mean and is this harmful?

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Can you post the 1st 22 lines of svn_load_dirs.pl? –  toolic Mar 23 '11 at 17:00

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To understand Perl messages, you can look them up in perldoc perldiag:

Argument "%s" isn't numeric%s

(W numeric) The indicated string was fed as an argument to an operator that expected a numeric value instead.

Since this message is classified as a Warning, it may not be harmful. But, it is worth investigating. Since I do not have access to the svn_load_dirs.pl script, could you please update your Question with the 1st 22 lines of the script?

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