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I want to store a list of 10-20 elements inside application configuration file in a C# application. I realize that I can use add key tags in appsettings section, but then I will have to create a unique key for each.

I am planning to loop over the elements in a section, and tried storing it. but it fails it initialize confiuration managager

EDIT: I want to store a section for table names to verify , where user can enter a list of tables to run a test on each

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You can create your own IConfigurationSectionHandler.


Just as an aside, this may be more work that you need given your last edit. You could just use a delimiter not found in the acceptable identifier list and split the string. (probably a whole lot easier)

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Yup, create your own ConfigurationSection classes, handle it yourself. Not hard to do. – MonkeyWrench Mar 23 '11 at 18:15

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