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I have simple bash script:

( sleep 5; echo 'A'; sleep 100 ) &

( sleep 7; echo 'B'; sleep 100 ) &

I want to kill this two process after second process print 'B' and of couse first process print 'A'. ( May be not echo - may be other label after first sleep. ) How to do it ?

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Could you elaborate? I don't understand what do you want to achieve. –  Renaud Mar 23 '11 at 18:16

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Try this:

jobs -p | xargs kill

jobs -p prints the process IDs of all background jobs from this shell window.

xargs passes what it reads on stdin to the program you provide.

kill sends SIGTERM to each process ID you give it.

Note, though, that this will kill ALL background jobs started from this shell, not just the last two.

If you know you want to kill just the most recently started X jobs, use this:

jobs -p | tail -n [number of jobs] | xargs kill
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May be like this

( sleep 5; echo 'A'; sleep 100 ) &
export Last=$!
( sleep 7; echo 'B'; kill-9 $Last; sleep 100 ) &
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