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still a topological base fields are x,y,z,gradient, tmestamp,user now i am at the problem of populating my base with data, i have several patches that have the same characteristic, but a different position... i solved it with preparing an insert statement and 2 nested loops varying the x,y (z beeing fixed when filling up a strate (at least at the moment)

programmatical approach is slow, very slow... so i tried to play it in SQL and i got that far:

insert into topo12 ("x","y","z","gradient","user","refresh")
select generate_series(2,4),generate_series(2,4),1024,12222563,'toto',1234567878;

but that doesn't give (logical i know but...) a matrix, but a vector... and so far i am struggling with getting further sub-requests working, so any hint appreciated

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I think what you want is a join, so you can produce a Cartesian product of two series:

> SELECT x, y FROM generate_series(1,2) AS x, generate_series(1,2) AS y;
 x | y 
 1 | 1
 1 | 2
 2 | 1
 2 | 2
(4 rows)

You're currently selecting from two set-returning functions at once. I don't understand what the semantics of that are supposed to be, but it's not producing a Cartesian product of values like you probably want:

> SELECT generate_series(1,2), generate_series(1,2);
 generate_series | generate_series 
               1 |               1
               2 |               2
(2 rows)

> SELECT generate_series(1,2), generate_series(1,3);
 generate_series | generate_series 
               1 |               1
               2 |               2
               1 |               3
               2 |               1
               1 |               2
               2 |               3
(6 rows)
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@bboett The behaviour is undocumented because 'because nobody is very happy with it and {postgres developers} don't want users relying on it'. As @Joey says, the safe way is to use a join. –  user533832 Mar 24 '11 at 11:25
insert into topo12 ("x","y","z","gradient","user","refresh")
    (random() * 2)::int + 2,
    (random() * 2)::int + 2
from generate_series(1, 10)
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