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I'm following the documentation from JQM on Submitting Forms and that part is working just fine. I can see the results page as in the example. (here is the form-sample-response.php page)

What my problem is:

I need to serve up another form and need the JQM functionality to work on the AJAX returned form. I have seen people say you need to add the rel="external" tag and I have done so to the page, form and button with no results.

I have even tried adding the jQuery functionality to the main form and still no go.

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Well if someone else needs this:

This goes in the main script;

$('#page_name_here').live('pageshow',function(event, ui){
    alert('This page was just hidden: '+ ui.prevPage);

    // add you other functions here

And in the form submission returned page make sure you have a corresponding id

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