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What is the Objective-C equivalent of Double.NaN from Java? I've got a function that returns a double, but it has two cases where it can return Double.NaN. How would I implement that in Objective-C?

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Does your function return a primitive double or an object NSNumber? – falconcreek Mar 23 '11 at 20:16
Primitive double. – Moshe Mar 23 '11 at 20:19
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double nan = NAN;

Pretty simple. :)

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#include <math.h>

return NAN;

simple as that. If for some reason you cannot include <math.h>, you can also use

return __builtin_nan("");

with either GCC or clang.

Incidentally, like most low-level language features of Objective-C, this is inherited directly from C. The relevant portion of the C spec is §7.12:

The macro NAN is defined if and only if the implementation supports quiet NaNs for the float type. It expands to a constant expression of type float representing a quiet NaN.

As you learn Objective-C, keep in mind that every C program is an Objective-C program, and there's nothing wrong with using C language features to solve your problem.

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