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Besides the following list, are there other css vendor prefixes that are important for web development? Are my definitions correct? Should I be more specific about mobile browsers (mobile Webkit, e.g.)

  • -khtml- (Konqueror, really old Safari)
  • -moz- (Firefox)
  • -o- (Opera)
  • -ms- (Internet Explorer)
  • -webkit- (Safari, Chrome)

Does this list (which also contains mso-, -wap-, and -atsc-) add anything of value?

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These are the ones I'm aware of:

  • -ms- Microsoft
  • mso- Microsoft Office
  • -moz- Mozilla Foundation (Gecko-based browsers)
  • -o-, -xv- Opera Software
  • -atsc- Advanced Television Standards Committee
  • -wap- The WAP Forum
  • -webkit- Safari, Chrome (and other WebKit-based browsers)
  • -khtml- Konqueror browser
  • -apple- Webkit supports properties using the -apple- prefixes as well
  • prince- YesLogic
  • -ah- Antenna House
  • -hp- Hewlett Packard
  • -ro- Real Objects
  • -rim- Research In Motion
  • -tc- Tall Components

These are officially listed in the CSS 2.1 Specification, informative section

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I had no idea the Purple One created a browser... – tahdhaze09 Mar 23 '11 at 20:54
How about -icab? – XP1 Feb 11 '12 at 0:10
XP1, what is the -icab vendor prefix used for? – Greg Feb 21 '12 at 17:13
This list seems to be coming from the W3C's CSS 2.1 specification – renoirb Mar 20 '14 at 21:02
@dcc It probably doesn't exist, actually. – grant Sep 24 '14 at 21:07

+1 for both Question and Answer, though to tack onto this, I am curious if anyone has a list of, or knows of a list on the interwebs, that will contain a list of styles that are within each of these css vendors, maybe even with browser version information? I realize it is quite the extensive list, and I am not in any hurried need to get it, but feel it would be a nice touch of information to have.

One such list I have located, by Peter Beverloo, shows the differences of Gecko, Webkit, Presto, & Trident. It would be awesome to see such a list extended with the above prefixes / browsers included. Maybe even a from-to version in which the spec is known to work for that browser (as some eventually loose their prefix and become standardized I'm sure).

I believe I will start working on a list that I can open to the web, if anyone would like to assist, please send me a message if you have some information that may help me. I will post a link back here eventually. For now, thank Peter Beverloo if this has helped you in any way.

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This is probably better as a separate question, but you might try getting the computed style for an element and filter: Object.keys(getComputedStyle(document.body)).filter(function(key) {return /^webkit/i.test(key)}) I suspect this might not be a complete list, though. – theazureshadow May 16 '14 at 19:43

While not in the direct context of web development, JavaFX uses a vendor prefix for its use of CSS as well: -fx-.

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