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We are looking for a server-side solution that is capable of taking an HTML page and generating a document in one of several formats - pdf, as well as rtf, doc, etc.

I've used LiveDocX to mail-merge elements using a Word Doc template and generate pdf's with success. I also know that it is capable supporting our requirement of generating other formats in addition to pdf. But I am not sure if I can supply an HTML page and generate these files?

I see there is a gamut of HTML to PDF converter options. I've seen the the list posted up on List of HTML to PDF converters. But what I am looking for is additional capability to generate not just pdf's but multiple formats.

A server-side Microsoft IIS (.NET or COM+) solution is preferred, but will also look at good PHP options.


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What about some funky OpenOffice skripts, that transform given HTML page. It should be flexible enough.

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