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So, I want to add versioning to my css and js files. The way I would like to do this is by appending a query string to the end of the asset path so




This will work for proxies and browser cache, however, I was wondering if Akamai will know this is a new file and re-request it from the origin server? My assumption would be that it would re-request the file from the origin server but figured I'd ask if anyone knew for sure.

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Yes. It matches exact URLs for all GET requests.

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As an interesting aside, a recent paper (see also: article in IEEE Spectrum) showed that many CDN's default handling of query strings can be used for DOS attacks against origin servers. –  Josh Rosen Mar 23 '11 at 20:51

Not quite. It depends on the CDN configuration. Query String values are usually not part of the cache-key. So, when setting up the CDN delivery config, make sure you explicitly add the option to include the Query String as part of the cache-key. Otherwise, you will end up serving inconsistent versions due to having a cache key that does not vary based on the query string value, in this case, the asset version.

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