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Does anyone know if there are any ports of Liquid Templating for Node.js? Or anything like it?

More or less our goal is to port Jekyll to Node.js - so anything to help with the templating side will be appreciated :)

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Liquid looks like it has a syntax similar to Jinja2 or Django templates, so you might want to look for ports of those, too. – icktoofay Mar 23 '11 at 22:01

There are a few versions in js I've run across - the only node-specific port I have seen is Liquid Node which is compatible with node's async programming

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Thanks guys.

Ended up using eco as the templating engine.

For the layouts-in-layouts of Jekyll as well as the YAML headers of template files I coded my own:

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As I said in a comment, it appears that Liquid has a syntax similar to Jinja2 or Django templates. Some people seem to have ported some of those templating languages:

  • Djangode (see the templates part; it contains other things, too)
  • Strobe

In addition, there seems to be a large collection of other templating languages on the Node wiki.

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There are a few similar libraries with varying features, these are two that support inline filters:

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please. those are nothing like liquid, jinja or django-templates. – airtonix Oct 10 '14 at 5:55

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