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I have inherited a VC++ solution and from one project (named "IntersonWinDriver") I'm trying to link to a .lib file that is generated by a different project (named "Utility"). I noticed that in a different project, named "MasterVu", I found "Utility.lib" included among the linker command line options.

In order to duplicate this for the IntersonWinDriver project, under the properties window I selected Configuration Properties->C/C++->General. I added the folder containing the code for the Utility project under the "Additional Include Directories" option. I then added the Utility project as one of the project dependencies for IntersonWinDriver.

The problem is that when I look at the linker command line options, I don't see any reference to Utility.lib as with the MasterVu project. I could manually add a reference to Utility.lib under Configuration Properties->Linker->Input, but I would rather not. What am I missing here?

As you may guess, I'm getting an unresolved external symbol error due to any reference in IntersonWinDriver to code written under the Utility project.

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Hmm...I see that under Common Properties->Framework and References I can add the Utility project. Now I feel silly for asking this question too soon...

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