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I have categories and each category has resources that belong to them. I want to use a scope on all categories and a different scope on their resources.

This is an example of what i am trying to do:

categories = Category.find_all_by_name('something').resources.find_all_by_resource_type_id(3)
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your post ain't exactly crystal clear

my guess is that you probably want the categories that have "something" name, and their resources eager-loaded. for that use this:

Category.where(:name => 'something').includes(:resources)

or, if you want to specify what resources you want for those "something" categories, you can use this:

Category.includes(:resources).where(:name => 'something', :resources => {:resource_type_id => 3})

more info about active record querying, here

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The only problem is that i am trying to narrow the category resources down with cancan so i need to apply .accessible_by(current_ability) and other scopes to the category resources. – Joshua Novak Mar 23 '11 at 23:42

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