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In the folder Users, there are many folders only some of which I has permission to. I have a netbook with limited windows 7 which may account for some of it. I want a batch file to be able to copy a separate file into the start up folder, but without knowing the username, it won't work. Is there some name I can use instead of "Joe" or some other way to access the folder? With the "All Users" folder I get an error saying it's unavailable. Is that because I'm on a netbook? Thanks.

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In a batch file, you can use the environment variables.

In the command prompt (win+R type cmd), type "set".

you'll see variables like:


so, by using %VARIABLE% in your batch file, you should be able to find the start menu folder for the user.

echo %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\<your stuff>
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pretty sure you can use these folders in cmd scripts just use %UserProfile% in your commands where you use to have joe eg c:\users\joe\desktop becomes %UserProfile%\desktop

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