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Is there somebody that use SIMICS or TAU?

are good tools to profiling my code? I see that SIMICS is also a virtual platform hardware dipendent so i can run different simulation on different hardware while tau is a simple profiling tool. Is there somebody that can give me more information about these?

thanks in advance


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Simics is part of windriver and it was acquired by Intel. u can develop it in but the support will be very limited.

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They are quite different... Simics is a full-system simulator that can do profiling without intrusion... among many other things.

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I can give you my assurance that you cannot afford Simics. Not just money-wise, either, but debugging, getting it started, etc, far outweigh the benefit for any profiling that you wish to do.

There are tons of other ways to profile code. Consider gprof if you're on Linux, or even Perf if you're feeling classy. Otherwise, on Windows, Visual Studio has some built in profiling tools that could come in handy as well.

In the end, though, if you want more specific answers, consider letting us know what it is you hope to profile.

(And yes, this question is very old, but perhaps someone else can benefit from this.)

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