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I using passive mode FTP command provide by NCFTP, Currently i want to pass a raw ftp command after file transferred. i found that got an option to do that:

ncftpput -u user -p password -X "rename 123.exe 1234.exe" host /path C:\123.exe

however, it is not working. It can put the file, but rename command not working.

Have anyone did that before?Pls help

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-X use RAW FTP commands

Use the following syntax:

ncftpput -u user -p password -X "RNFR 123.exe" -X "RNTO 1234.exe" host /path/123.exe
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It works with ncftls as well. It is more immediate if you what you have to do is just a rename without actually uploading anything on the FTP server. (-W is like -X. The only difference is that it does the rename immediately after logging in) Here is the syntax:

ncftpls -u name -p psw -W "RNFR FTPfolder/anotherFolder/OLDname.txt" -W "RNTO FTPfolder/anotherFolder/NEWname.txt" ftp://ftp.name.org

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