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I'm trying my hands on ffmpeg and am stuck on how I pass the bytebuffer to the FFmpeg method avcodec_decode_audio3.

In the JNI code I'm able to access the bytebuffer through GetDirectBufferAddress which gives me an object of the type jbyte. How do I pass this to the avcodec_decode_audio3 method of ffmpeg?

The method declaration for is avcodec_decode_audio3 is

avcodec_decode_audio3(AVCodecContext *avctx, int16_t *samples, int
*frame_size_ptr, AVPacket *avpkt)

Has anyone done this before.

Can someone throw some light on this? If someone can give me a snippet of how this is done it would be very useful.

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I have started a simple project where I use ffmpeg for decoding. I have already managed to compile ffmpeg, get stream, decode and return pcm data to AudioTrack in Java. The only problem is that I get only noize back, but I'm working on it. Check it here https://github.com/mikebevz/AFPlayer

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Dont take it as type jbyte , rather take the value into unsigned char *pBuffer char *pBuffer = (*env)->GetDirectBufferAddress(env,buf); you need to typecast it to type of int16_t *samples then pass it to avcodec_decode_audio3(..... .pBuffer....);

and here the copying is done : memcpy(samples, frame.extended_data[0], plane_size);

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