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Hi I am making an online radio station app.The app works good . My radio doesn't resume after the call is ended.and i have to restart it.again

Here is my code

    void MyAudioSessionInterruptionListener(void *inClientData, UInt32 inInterruptionState)
        ShoutcastAudioStreamer *radio = (ShoutcastAudioStreamer*)inClientData;
        if (inInterruptionState == kAudioSessionBeginInterruption) {
            [radio stop];
        else if (inInterruptionState == kAudioSessionEndInterruption) {
        //  [radio start]; // this doesn't work - radio is gone

Can any one help?

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similar questions were found, but without reply too...

Do not get the AudioListenerInterruptionEnd trigger

interruptionListenerCallback not called with HTML5 player in UIWebView

Probably it can help you.

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