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Multiple mouse move detection

I want to make an interaction with the mouse pointer like this:

So basically there are 2 classes; one is the Main class and another is the image_child class. Main class is responsible for the main interaction like loading XML loader class, set texts and other things. image_child class is responsible for rendering and presenting the images on the stage with their movements and interaction when the mouse is moving. I have a problem.

There are 2 methods to render this interaction on the stage:

Method A:

1- Make an array of image_child objects called ImageBank Array = new Array().

2- Each child has a “.cordinator(x,y)” function which I can call and send mouse x and y to the class. .i.e ImageBank[i].cordinator(120,144);

3- Put Array in a loop like “For” or “While” in Main class, give mouse x and y and render the interaction to stage; and redo the loop each time I have a mouse move with new coordination.

/// 120 is mouse x and 144 is mouse y

for (var i:int = 0; i< ImageBank.length; i++) {



Method B:

1- Write a mouse-move event listener inside each image_child object which detects mouse movements.

2- Get mouse x and y from that event.

3- Render the interaction to stage.(inside each image_child instance)

It seems that method B is easier and clean but in method B each instance has a mouse-move event listener and if I have 70 instances then I have 70 mouse-move event listeners which I think is not a good thing at all.

Do you have any ideas or any suggestions? ( I`m looking for best performance and smooth movement.)

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I think the easiest solution would be pass your event into your image_child class, from the Main class mouse move.

So, in your Main class, you could have your listener do something like this:

private function listenerName(evt:MouseEvent):void    
    for(var i=0; i<imgChildContainer.numChildren-1; i++)
        var mc:MovieClip = imgChildContainer.getChildAt(i);

This assumes your image_childs are in a container.

Other than that, I would put the listeners on the image_child, which you mentioned you didn't want to do.

Hope this helps.

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