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I'm using PyCharm to write the code of a Django project I'm developing.

My project's name is A, and I have created (manually) an application under it called B, so it looks like:


The problem is the following:

When I go to Tools > Run manage.py task..., and select, for example, sqlall, it says:

Please, select application

and doesn't show B.

Am I missing something? Shouldn't it be calling the manage.py file inside A directory instead of C:\Program Files (x86)\JetBrains\PyCharm 1.0\helpers\pycharm\django_manage.py?

Important Edit:

That project wasn't created using PyCharm. I just loaded the folder with PyCharm because I created it some days ago using the python shell. Now I created a Django project using File > New Project and it seems to work. Any idea of how to make it work with an already existing project?

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I already have the answer to this question.

The problem was that I had A instead of B.A in the INSTALLED_APPS tuple in settings.py file.

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