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Please help I need an regular expressions that can get any other string except specific one, for example I set the specific one to be "abc", then any other string like "bac", "cbaad", etc can be accept, but if "abc", no.

hope that make sense, thank you.

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If your specific string is a single string i.e. on abc then you can do it using simple if condition,

if(myStr != "abc")
    // check myStr with regular expression of required pattern
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As other answers have pointed out there is no need for regex in your simple example, but here is a regex that will do the job just in case you dumbed down your example too much and you actually have a need for something like this.


And if abc can't occur anywhere in the string:

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please let me know how to write it in javascript, thanks – Michael Mar 24 '11 at 6:47
@Michael var match = /^(?!abc$).*/.test("Sample text") – Andrew Clark Mar 24 '11 at 16:30

If "abc" should not occur anywhere in the string,

var str = "bcabcd"; 
var noNoStr = "abc";
var pattern = new RegExp(noNoStr);
var result = !pattern.test(str);
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if you want to exclude "abc" only why not do simple comparision... x == 'abc'


if( str == 'abc')
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