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Following php scripts

echo date('D, F d ', strtotime($event->starttime)); echo $this->timestamp(strtotime($event->starttime));    

display result as,

Mon, March 21 Mon at 8:00 AM

Fri, March 25 Fri at 9:00 AM


Unfortunately its showing day (Here, Mon and Fri) twice. Here how to remove the second day( ie, before string at). I would like to show output as

Fri, March 25 at 9:00 AM

Any help please...

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Thanks for all of your help – abhis Mar 24 '11 at 7:38
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echo strftime('%a, %B %d at %I:%M %p', strtotime($event->starttime));
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You don't need two echoes for this, one echo is enough. You can add the 'at' text yourself, if you prepend it with a backslash.

From the PHP Date function:

echo date('D, F d \a\t H:i A', strtotime($event->starttime));
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A lowercase d passed to date() should return only the day number... check out for a list of all the valid parameters.

Try removing the space following d?

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