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I was wondering if I could construct my own Bing Uri search string's based on the following information.

I am trying to search over a certain domain and locale. For instance;

search here "http//" for "playstation 3" and take me to a bing results page that is in es-es locale language (spanish.)

Can anyone give a link for more reading or an easy solution?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Looks like the Bing API returns search results for one to use in their own site. This is not what I want, I just want to redirect to the Bing page with the results I want.

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I was wondering myself how we can come up with Bing search strings like the one found on Avant's Forum Site:

In Avant Browser, we can input search strings so we can automatically use that particular search engine whenever we type a word on the search box. I wanted to use Bing ever since Google made ga-ga over their safe search goo-goo. Problem was I didn't know how to syntax that. Hope this helps you in the same way that I'm asking for help myself. Thanks!

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I think the easiest for you is to try to build up your advanced query using the site and then look at the format. For your query I can build up this url:

The %3A is a url encoded colon.

So basically you can apply advanced parameters as language:es or (where the colon is url encoded).

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I tried the URL above and it didn't return any search results. – theDawckta Mar 24 '11 at 8:29
I gave you the format, I didn't say that it would return any results ;-) – jjrdk Mar 24 '11 at 9:51
Thanks, for the reply, seems strange that a search for Playstation 3 would return no results from I am thinking I just need to use the API. – theDawckta Mar 24 '11 at 16:37

According to Bing API 2.0 you can search like so:<YOUR_APP_ID>&Query=<QUERY_STRING>&sources=web

QUERY_STRING is URL encoded string containing all your params.

This document also contains some example how to use service with JavaScript, PHP and C#.

For your example it should be like:

or in human readable format:

playstation 3 language:es

You can get your APP_ID here absolutely free.

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If you want to search in English add language:en in your URL. For example, if the search term is "test" then your URL will be

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