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One of the most common operation with source code is to modify the method arguments. Given a method argument list like this:


I wanna know how to deal with following operations(I use | here as a cursor position):

  1. When cursor inside a quotes, and you wanna delete the contents inside the quotes. like:
    "ar|gument1" to "|"
  2. same as the first one, but delete the quotes.
  3. delete all the things in bracket. ("argument1","argument2","argument3") to (|)
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Try these commands:

  1. di" (mnemonic: delete iniside ")
  2. da" (mnemonic: delete around ")
  3. di( or dib (mnemonic: delete inside () pair)

if you want to change the values (i.e. delete and remain in insert mode), use c instead of d.

For more information, and a lot of other possibilities, check :help text-objects.

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  1. "delete contents inside quotes", bdw -- back, delete word, only works if the cursor isn't on the first character.
  2. "delete contents and quotes", F"df" -- find " backwards, delete until next " forwards (inclusive). Only works if the cursor isn't on the opening quotes.
  3. "Delete all the things in the brackets" -- %c%()<esc> -- okay, ugly :) bounce to start of parentheses, change up to the matching parenthesis, and insert two new ().
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