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I have 100 videos in my website. if I have to store IP address from which the clicks are made, country and time clicked, Do I need to create a seperate table for each video (100 tables in my case). My sample table schema for video ID:1

Table name: ID_1
IP_address | country | time

What are the alternative ways I can do this. (I don't want to use Google Analytics as I want to try this for my self first)

I am using PHP and MySQL.

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Do I need to create a seperate table for each video (100 tables in my case)

Please plase don't!

Just add a column to your table that works as a foreign key to your videos table. Also, add a column for primary key and a few more:

Table name: videos_clicks
id | video_id | ip_address | clicks | country | last_time
Primary key: id
Unique Index: video_id, IP_address

You can then work with this very simply. For example, to insert a new row:

INSERT INTO videos_clicks (video_id, ip_address, clicks, country, last_time)
VALUES (1, '', 1, 'country_name', UNIX_TIMESTAMP())
ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE clicks = clicks + 1, last_time = UNIX_TIMESTAMP()

Or to get all click for a video with ID '1':

SELECT id, ip_address, clicks, country, last_time
FROM videos_clicks
WHERE video_id = '1'

You also might want to consider creating a table countries and replacing the country varchar/text column to numeric country_id that would point to the countries table:

Table name: countries
id  |  name  |  twoletter | threeletter
 1  Andorra      AD         AND
 2  Afghanistan  AF         AFG
Primary key: id

Please read something about databaze normalizing. It's going to make your application much more effective and in the end make your life simpler.

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@Cezechnology: Thanks alot for the answer. I have one more question: How can I ensure that those clicks are unique, meaning I should not insert if one person clicks the same link twice. –  Mahin Mar 24 '11 at 9:16
@Mahin, that's what the UNIQUE index is for! If you set it on the two columns video_id and ip_address, it will allow only for one ip per video. And in the INSERT statement, ON DUPLICATE KEY just updates the time of last visit and raises the number of visits by one. –  Czechnology Mar 24 '11 at 9:35

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