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i'm using Configuration.AppendListeners for some addional listeners. With the appened listeners the destructor is only called when the program ends - without the additional listeners the destructor is called on System.GC.Collect.

Ad a workaround I implemented IDisposable where I call following method:

    private void CleanUpConfigurationListener()
        if (configuration == null) return;
        foreach (NHibernate.Event.ListenerType item in Enum.GetValues(typeof(NHibernate.Event.ListenerType)))
            configuration.SetListener(item, null);  

With it, the destructor is called again.

Is it a memory leak?

I'm using NH 3.0 because of Fluent NHibernate (1.2).

Thanks for your answers.

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It was my fault. I found the problem:

The code created a new SessionFactory for each new DAL-Session object :(

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