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I am parsing XML Data using NSXMLParser and I notice now, that the Elements can contain ALL characters, including for example a &. Since the parser is giving an error when it comes across this character I replaced every Occurence of this character. Now I want to make sure to handle every of these characters that may cause Errors. What are they and how do you think I should handle these characters best? Thanks in advance!

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To answer half your question, XML has 5 special characters that you may want to escape:

< -- replace with &lt;

> -- replace with &gt;

& -- replace with &amp;

' -- replace with &apos;


" -- replace with &quot;

Now, for the other half--how to find and replace these without also replacing all the tags, etc... Not easy, but I'd look in to regular expressions and NSRegularExpression: http://developer.apple.com/library/ios/#documentation/Foundation/Reference/NSRegularExpression_Class/Reference/Reference.html

Remember, depending on your use case, to escape the values of the parameters on tags, too; <tag parameter="with &quot;quotes&quot;" />

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To add to this, XML if using the <?xml version="1" encoding="utf-8"?"> at top requires NO replacement of ANY other characters. Copyright signs, etc. all work perfectly fine. I over-replaced stuff and the XML parser started spitting about not understanding entities because they are HTML only. –  Kalle Aug 24 '12 at 14:21

You should encode these characters for instance & becomes &amp; or " becomes &quot;

When it goes through the parser it should come out ok. Your other option is to use a different XML parser like TBXML which doesn't do format checking.

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