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For example i have ConstantsClass.java with :

private static final String DUMMY_STRING = "dummy string";

and MyClass.java :

import net.foo.ConstantsClass;

public void doStuff(){
  String value = ConstantsClass.DUMMY_STRING ;

When i add a static import for the first DUMMY_STRING with "Add Import"(Ctrl+Shift+M), i will have

import static net.foo.ConstantsClass.DUMMY_STRING;
import net.foo.ConstantsClass;

public void doStuff(){
  String value = DUMMY_STRING ;

If i want to do it for all variables in this class, i have to make "Add import" for each "DUMMY_STRING", is there a way to do it for all "DUMMY_STRING" in one command ?

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Go to the preference. Find Java -> Code Style -> Organize Imports and change the value of Number of static imports needed for .* to '1'

enter image description here

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That's not what i search for, i want to import statically all the same static variables at the same time, instead of do a "add import" for each static variables one by one ? –  Antoine Mar 25 '11 at 8:01

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