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maybe this sounds silly... but as an amateur android developer, i want to know the basic idea and concepts for making crossword game in android. we provide a box full with column, row, and random alphabet for the user and they just gonna gesture the characters that resemble a word....


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  • Create a grid of XbyX.
  • Define your answers in an array.
  • Need some algorithm to fit the words into the grid (maths not programming).
  • Have some type of mapping from this array to the grid.
  • Draw the grid. (Draw natively with NDK or use Layouts your choice)
  • Black out the unused squares.
  • Allow each square clickable to bring up the keyboard.
  • Compare a filled word length with its responding array word.
  • Win / Lose.

Is this how basic you wanted to go?

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Sounds Good! Thank you, I'll try it ASAP... :D –  BolbazarMarme Mar 24 '11 at 11:29
hi! actually it's a word search game not crossword game(sorry :p), but your method works too! :D here is the screenshot stat001.ameba.jp/user_images/20110404/18/drikvy/e7/4a/p/… , now i'm facing new problem. how to block the grid with certain drawable or just simple square in order to select the word? i really have no idea about this, i've try 2d drawing tutorial with canvas, but it doesn't work in a xml layout. you can look at my code here stackoverflow.com/questions/5536447/… –  BolbazarMarme Apr 4 '11 at 14:55

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