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What I am trying to achieve is a second dropdown list to be populated with values based on the selection of the first dropdown list.

I've got it to work using the following:

The problem is that an external plug in that I am using to display images in a drop down list somehow stops this code from working properly.

The code that initalises this plug-in is $("body select").msDropDown(); and what I have below the simple search form that uses this plug-in is a jquery expandable div so you click Advanced Search to expand the form with the dynamic dropdowns.

<a href="#" rel="toggle[advancedsearch]" data-openimage="images/collapse.png" data-
closedimage="images/expand.png">Advanced Search<img id="expand" 
src="images/collapse.png"/>   </a> 
<div id="advancedsearch">
<p>Document Properties:</p>
<select id="tags" name="tags" class="tags">

What I'm hoping for is some kind of onclick or something even easier to call to another JS method to somehow remove the $("body select").msDropDown(); initialisation or to even initialise something silly that in turn removes it.

Full source of the page can be seen here if it helps:



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If I'm getting this right, here is the answer:

You should add class attributes to the <select> elements that are going to be using your msDropDown plugin. Then initialize the plugin like this $('select.yourClass').msDropDown(); where yourClass is the class name you assigned these <select> elements. The body part in your selector is superflous.

This way, jQuery will only apply the plugin to the <select> elements "marked" with you class name and not all of them so you can use the other "normal" <select> elements without interference.

Hope I helped you out.

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Thank you very much Tom, you have no idea how grateful I am - I can imagine how difficult it was to try and follow my question to an outsider. You're a star! – martincarlin87 Mar 24 '11 at 12:42
no problem, it wasn't that complicated after all – thwd Mar 24 '11 at 12:51

I'm not completely clear on what your overall requirements are and what may or may not be acceptable so where are a few thoughts that I have.

  1. Give the select elements you do not want styled as image combo boxes a class or an id. Then use the :not() selector in combination with your msDropdown initialization

    $("body select:not('.nostyle')").msDropDown(); //using the class 'nostyle' to filter out the elements that should get the image combobox 
  2. Use a more specific selector in the initialization call; this is kinda the opposite of the above

    $("body select.classOfSelectsTobeStyled").msDropDown(); //using the class 'classOfSelectsTobeStyled' on elements that should get the image combobox   
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Thank you so much for your answer and for your time. I tried your answer first but it didn't seem to work for me but I have certainly learned something new, thanks, I really appreciate it. – martincarlin87 Mar 24 '11 at 12:43
Glad to be of help. I realized that I had an error in my script - there was a space between select and .classOfSelectsTobeStyled in the second suggestion (which is otherwise pretty much the same thing that Tom suggested before). The space changes the selector to look for descendents of select elements that have that class. Without the space, it's selecting descendents of body that are select tags and have the class .classOfSelectsToBeStyled – Mar 24 '11 at 12:54

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