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My Java code is ,

Query q=session.createSQLQuery(" { call procedureSample(?) }");

List list=q.list();

The procedure procedureSample returns three values, like (int,string,int).

  1. How can I get the results?

  2. Whether I need to create the bean? If so, how can I name the fields in the bean, as the int results in my procedure are functions like count?

  3. How can I retrieve the results from the list list instance?

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What you'd get is a List<Object[]>, i.e. a list of rows, each represented as an object array.

How the procedure results are accessed depends on whether the results are returned as one row with 3 columns (in this case you'd access the 3rd element as list.get(0)[2]) or as 3 rows with one column (accessing the 3rd element would then be list.get(2)[0]).

Edit: Note that this assumes you have Java 5+ and cast list to List<Object[]>.

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Your list will contain 3 items. You can iterate through the list and get the values.

For example.

Query q=session.createSQLQuery(" { call procedureSample(?) }");

List list=q.list();

Iterator iter=list.iterator();
while(iter.hasNext()) {

No need of creating bean in this case I guess.

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