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In which event for a ComboBox that has a DrawMode of OwnerDrawVariable is it most appropriate to set the ComboBox's DropDownHeight?

I am currently setting the DropDownHeight value within the DrawItem event but this seems inefficient.


The reason I ask is that I can not get the DropDown window height to be "just right". It is always a little bit too tall or too short.

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Put it in the event DropDown - or override for ComboBox.OnDropDown

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Ug, of course! Thanks John. – Adrian Toman Mar 25 '11 at 23:01
@AdrianToman - you accepted this as the most helpful answer, but did this really work for you? For me, setting DropDownHeight in overridden ComboBox.OnDropDown() did not work because of known WinForms bug. I needed to implement what you described in your own answer. OTOH setting DropDownWidth in ComboBox.OnDropDown() works well. Maybe you can consider marking the other answer as the most helpful one. – miroxlav Jul 24 '15 at 20:34

Incorrect DropDownHeight for ComboBoxes that have DrawMode of OwnerDrawVariable is known issue that has be answered at Unable to set the DropDownHeight of ComboBox, and I have added the c# code that I use to solve my problem as part of the answer.

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