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Lack of proper PNG support in IE6 is a well-known issue, with several solutions. There does not appear to be a clear best accepted practice or method.

What do you propose the best solution is, and why?

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1) Eliminate the need for alpha transparency

Failing that

2) Javascript for those that are absolutely necessary. SuperSleight is one option, but there are many javascript implementations.

3) Depreciate IE6 or provide a separate CSS for IE6 users

IE6, thankfully, is declining so option 3 is actually reasonable now.

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Did you mean "deprecate"? Depreciate is good to though, in this case. :) –  teedyay Mar 9 '09 at 0:17
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The best solution I've found is Unit PNG fix. It's tiny, fast, and eliminates most of the issues found in other solutions.

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You could convert the *.png to *.gif with IrfanView for example. But since GIF-Format can only display 256 colors it often is leading to quality-loss and color-steps :(

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You could use something like pngfix.js to apply the appropriate filter to PNGs in IE6.

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Any solution involves using DirectX AlphaImageLoader

I like Twinhelix solution most

and version 2.0, still not thorougly tested, seems to work great with background PNG too.

You can't neglect IE 6.0 since it still makes more than 20% in browser market share. GIF transparency is below par.

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Use PNG-8 for transparency as it will work with IE6. It will act like a GIF image under IE6 while it allows for alpha transparency in more capable browsers.

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