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It is possible to change the favicon in the adressbar for a SiteCollection? I want to change the icon only for one SiteCollection in our environment. Is there a PowerShell Command? I don´t want to use the SharePoint Designer.

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It depends on the MasterPage that you're using.

In the OOTB masterpages it's controlled by the line:

<SharePoint:SPShortcutIcon runat="server" IconUrl="/_layouts/images/favicon.ico" />
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Thanks for your answer. But my problem is that I want to change the favicon only from one SiteCollection in my Farm. Do you know any solution for that problem? –  LaPhi Mar 24 '11 at 15:47
That shouldn't be a problem. Either copy v4.master and create a custom master page that points to a different icon for your site collection or open v4.master in SharePoint Designer and create an unghosted version that points to a different icon. Either way, you need a master page for your site collection that points to something other than /_layouts/images/favicon.ico. –  Rich Bennema Mar 29 '11 at 18:01

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