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I have 2 SQL Server 2005 tables: Names and Scores

Names table:

  NameID, Name,   Age
  1,      'John', 23
  2,      'Ryan', 20

Scores table:

  ScoreID, NameID, ScoreDate,  ScoreValue
  1,       1,      01/01/2011, 250
  2,       1,      02/01/2011, 300
  3,       1,      03/01/2011, 100
  4,       2,      01/01/2011, 150
  5,       2,      02/01/2011, 350
  6,       2,      03/01/2011, 200

I want to get for a given month:

Name, Age, current ScoreValue, sum(ScoreValue) for previous months

Something like this form the month of february:

John, 23, 300, 550
Ryan, 20, 350, 500
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Which bit are you stuck on - the join, the aggregation, finding the latest, filtering on a month? I also don't see where you're getting the totals from - you've only got one record for each player for Feb? –  Rup Mar 24 '11 at 11:58
I want to get the total for all the previous values (from all the previous dates including the current month). –  milo2011 Mar 24 '11 at 12:08
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Think this is what you want:

select n.Name,
       sum(s2.ScoreValue) Prevmonths
from   names n
       inner join scores s1 on n.NameId = s1.NameId
       left  join scores s2 -- make left join in case no previous month
         on  s1.NameId = s2.NameId 
         and s1.ScoreDate >= s2.ScoreDate -- >= means include current onth
group by n.Name,


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Thank you! I've used part of your script. –  milo2011 Mar 24 '11 at 12:17
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