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I have an array:

$availAds[$imageFile] = array(
        'image' => $imageFile,
        'title' => $artDetails[0],
        'link' => $artDetails[1]

and I have values that need to be added to the array and assigned the same values based on there content:

        foreach($querytitle as $currentTitle  ):
    $titlearray =  $currentTitle->nodeValue ;
    array_push( $availArts,$titlearray );

I'm using array_push and that adds it to the array fine, but I ened to be able to assign 'title' to $currentTitle.

Hope this makes sense, and thanks.

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You should refer to the php.net array documentation.

Simply put, you can add items to arrays in a few ways:

$array[] = "foo";      // add "foo" to the end of array (same as array_push)
$array[1] = "foo";     // add "foo" at array index 1
$array['foo'] = "bar"; // add "bar" at the "foo" index of array
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$availArts[$currentTitle] = 'title';
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