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I'm currently trying to code a simple audio delay sketch in the processing IDE. I keep getting an "unexpected token: Void" error pointed at my Void Setup() function. If I comment out the contents of this for loop:

for (int i = 0; i < output.length; i++)  
    output[i] = (audioData[i]+audioData[i-44100];  

then this error does not appear. This error occurs regardless of which function i put this loop in, and I've tried coding it in alternate ways. No luck.

Here's the code for the tab that's giving me trouble:

AudioThread audioThread;
// we'll use this to store the audio data we read from the audio file
float[] audioData;
float[] delayData;
// we'll use this to remember our position in the audio data array
float readHead;
float readHeadDelay;

void setup() {
    size(500, 400, P2D);
    // the audio file we want to play, which should be in the data dir
    String audioFilename = "myk_hats_dub1.wav";

    // read the audio data into a float array using the AudioFileIn class
    audioData = new AudioFileIn(audioFilename, this).getSampleData();
    delayData = new AudioFileIn(audioFilename, this).getSampleData();

    // print how many samples we read
    println("Read " + audioData.length + " samples");
    // set the read head to zero, the first sample
    readHead = 0;
    readHeadDelay = 44100;
    // start up the audio thread
    audioThread = new AudioThread();

void draw() {

// this function gets called when you press the escape key in the sketch
void stop() {
    // tell the audio to stop
    // call the version of stop defined in our parent class, in case it does
    // anything vital

// this gets called by the audio thread when it wants some audio
// we should fill the sent buffer with the audio we want to send to the
// audio output
void generateAudioOut(float[] buffer) {

    for (int i = 0; i < buffer.length; i++) {

        // copy data from the audio we read from the file (audioData)
        // into the buffer that gets sent to the sound card
        buffer[i] = audioData[(int) readHead];

        // add a sample from the other array
        buffer[i] += delayData[(int) readHeadDelay];
        // scale it so it does not go over 1.0
        buffer[i] *= 0.5;

        // move the read head along one, resetting to zero
        // if it goes to the end of the audioData array
        if (readHead >= audioData.length) {
            readHead = 0;
        if (readHeadDelay >= delayData.length) {
            readHeadDelay = 0;


can anyone help?

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Perhaps you forgot to close the bracket with a ')' ?

I don't see the loop in the code you gave.

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output[i] = (audioData[i]+audioData[i-44100]; 

See that (? It needs to go :)

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You have an unclosed (.

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