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I'm using the primefaces fileUpload component and then I inspect the FileUploadEvent.getFile but I don't see a way to reliably get the extension. Any ideas?

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getFile() returns an org.primefaces.model.UploadedFile object which has a method getFileName to return the file name. Then you can get the extension from the filename.

UploadedFile tfile = event.getFile();
String str = tfile.getFileName();
String ext = str.substring(str.lastIndexOf('.'), str.length());
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You may also want to check your String actually contains a '.' so you don't get an error. – Mark Robinson Mar 24 '11 at 13:56
The StringUtils class of the springframework provides a convenience method for that: org.springframework.util.StringUtils.getFilenameExtension("test.txt") => txt – Jens Mar 24 '11 at 14:12

Another option using

UploadedFile tfile = event.getFile();
String str = tfile.getFileName();
String prefix = FilenameUtils.getBaseName(str);
String suffix = FilenameUtils.getExtension(str);
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You should do a split, eliminating the point. Remember that there may be more than one point in the title of the file, you must restore the last parameter of the split return.

    UploadedFile file = e.getFile();
    String [] nameFile= file.getFileName().split("[.]");
    String extension= nameFile[nameFile.length-1];
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