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When we create a (PHP) project in Netbeans 7, it somehow saves the directory in its own format, and later we can open the project in Netbeans. However, I have a project which I created without Netbeans, now I want to open it with Netbeans, but seems that I can not. When I "Open Project" in Netbeans, and browse to the directory, it does not not recognize the directory. So how can I open a Non-Netbeans project in it? Thanks.

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Why -1, if i can ask? – Peter Mar 24 '11 at 14:23

Select "File" > "New Project"

Under "Categories" select "Java"

Under "Projects" select "Java Project with Existing Sources"

You'll then need to tell it which directory contains your sources and which directory contains your JUnit tests.

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In NetBeans IDE 8.0.1

  1. File->New Project
  2. Select PHP-> PHP Existing Sources, Click Next
  3. Browse Source Folder and Select it
  4. Give project a name
  5. If you want you can put a backup in a separate directory, Click Next
  6. And select your Server
  7. Click Finish
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You can either use the "Import Project" from the File menu, which can transform an Eclipse project to a Netbeans one for example (there might be other transformations available as plugins, don't know), or just create a new Netbeans project with your existing code.

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Go to the window menu and select favorites. Then a tab include beside projects, files...then drag a folder from file explorer and put it into favorites.

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