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I have created classes





dojo.declare("ELEMENT", null, {


I have array of Units and I want find one which have id like my element._unit_id. Hot to do this with Dojo ? I was looking in documentation examples but there is dojo.filter by I cannot pass argument . Can anybody help ?

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when are you going to start reading the docs on Dojo instead of asking an endless sequence of elementary questions? – Stephen Chung Mar 25 '11 at 5:07

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You can use dojo.filter.E.g:

 var units = [{
                id: 1,
                name: "aaaa"
                id: 2,
                name: "bbbb"
                id: "2",
                name: "cccc"
                id: "3",
                name: "dddd"

var currentElementId = 2;

var filteredArr = dojo.filter(units, function(item) {
          // do something with filtered array

Test page for you

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