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Is there a convenient way to check if a directory is empty using MSBuild?

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Create an item and see if it contains anything, like this:

<Target Name="CheckDirectoryForEmpty">
    <EmptyCheck Include="$(EmptyCheck)" />
    Condition="'@(EmptyCheck)' == ''"
    Text="Directory '$(EmptyCheck)' is empty"

To check recursively, use **/*.* instead of *.* in the path.

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My case was similar, but I had to check for multiple folders. If re-using the EmptyCheck ItemGroup, I had to empty it first thus: <EmptyCheck Remove=@(EmptyCheck) />. When not empty, it can be appended to a different ItemGroup using: <DifferentItemGroup Include=@(EmptyCheck) /> – Parag Doke Jun 4 '13 at 8:04

You could use one of the tasks in the MSBuild Extension Pack for this. Use the FindUnder task, and check whether FoundItems is empty.

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