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When traversing DOM with jQuery, is there an easy way to know how many siblings have a particular class before my selector ?

For example with the following HTML :

    <li class="foo">One</li>
    <li class="foo">Five</li>
    <li class="active">Seven</li>
    <li class="foo">Eight</li>  

from li.active i would like to know that i have 2 li (One and Five) with the 'foo' class preceding my active object.

Can i do that without parsing all the siblings and comparing indexes ?

I thought .prevAll() could help me but it wouldn't find more than the first sibling encountered..

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This will return the length of a set of all previous siblings having a class of foo

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Thanks, i thought prevAll was the same as prevUntil except including the matching selector.. I should pay more attention to what i read! –  skiplecariboo Mar 24 '11 at 14:53

.prevAll(".foo") should be all that you need.


Code example on jsfiddle.

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