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I have a wix project, and i need write custom log file, except msi log.

My idea is as follows: Write all needed info in one property, and when install complete - write value of property to file in custom action.

I have no idea, how i may increment property value without replacing.

Also, if you have better way to write custom log - i am pleased to read

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Is there a reason that you don't want to use the log file that MSI's can inherently log to?

If so, you could just write a custom action and call into the log method...

session.Log("This is my custom message."); 

You could persist your property value in the registry or by using a session property that you expose an Increment() call to, through yet a different custom action.

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Reason is customer :). Now i create many copies of my custom action - <CustomAction Id="WriteCustomLog%Number%" BinaryKey="Bin_WixCopyLogFileCA" DllEntry="WriteCustomLog" Execute="immediate" Return="check" Impersonate="no" /> and call them where needed. But it's not good, i need another solution. –  Anton Shakalo Mar 25 '11 at 12:34

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