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I wish to build a MySQL database that will track information across time (once a day).

For example, a list of URLs, and several parameters related to the URL for which I wish to track the values every day.

So I am thinking of a data structure as follows:

    Date { value_parameter1, value_parameter2 }

As this is the first time I am working with a time-based information database, I would appreciate some guidance. In particular:

  • is the data structure I mention above a good way to start? or what would we your recommendation?

  • what MySQL data Type is usually used for the Date parameter, in similar project?

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The structure is called Slowly Changing Dimension, type 4. Yes, it is legitimate and usable.

To tell if it fits your needs we would need to know a little more about your model.

To store dates, you should use type DATE.

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