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I would know if it could works like this:

Database 11G R2 on Windows 2008 R2 x64
Oracle Client 9i (what version?) for OCI connection on 11g ?

I heard that we can use for connection to 11G R2 database, but if you have an tutorial or if you can describe the way to do, i would be glad !

Because we are running on 9i database with 9i client ... on 2003 R2 x86.

Connection must be possible with Navicat or i would not be able to work fine.


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Assuming that 9i client has been patched to at least (note that most people do not apply patchsets to client machines which would be necessary here), a connection to an 11.2 database should be no different than a connection to any other version of the database. I've never heard of Navicat but I assume it's just using the standard Oracle client libraries to connect to a database.

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