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I'm trying to build factories for relatively complex models.

I have a Pressroom model, which belongs to Source, and Source has many Pressrooms. When creating the Source, if pressrooms is empty, an initial pressroom is created in an after_create filter. The pressroom site must be unique per source.

class Source
  has_many :pressrooms
  after_create :create_initial_pressroom! # if pressrooms.empty?

class Pressroom
  belongs_to :source
  # source.pressrooms.map(&:site) should have unique elements
  validate_on_create :check_unique_site

This leads to my problem: My Pressroom.make fails, because it builds a Source, which has no pressrooms, so the after_create callback creates one, and when the Pressroom.make tries to finish up, its site is not unique. I don't want to create two pressrooms when I run Pressroom.make

My attempt to solve this is to make the source association in the pressroom blueprint reference the pressroom. Sort of what Source.create :pressrooms => [Pressroom.new] would do.

Pressroom.blueprint do
  source { Source.make :pressrooms => [self] }
  site { source.site }

Unfortunatly, self is not yet a Pressroom. It's an instance of Machinist::Lathe, so I get an ActiveRecord::AssociationTypeMismatch exception.

I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to factories and Machinist. I don't want to have to change the business logic, and I want to be able to cleanly make pressrooms with Pressroom.make without making two pressrooms in the process. If switching to factory-girl would help, I'm open to that.

I'd be grateful for any ideas on how to solve this.

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Googling around, I found some hints on http://webcrisps.wordpress.com/2009/08/13/stubbing-before_create-callbacks-in-a-machinist-blueprint/ – to stub the after_create :create_initial_pressroom! callback on Source, in the Source blueprint – using Machinist 2 and Mocha here:

Pressroom.blueprint do
  source { Source.make!(:without_initial_pressroom) }
  site   { object.source.site }

Source.blueprint do

Source.blueprint(:without_initial_pressroom) do

This way, Pressroom.make! works like it should, Source.make! works like it should, and... I guess I'm happy. But still a bit perplexed by the problems I ran into in the solution I tried above (both in machinist 1 and 2).

If anyone knows how to make this work with object, let me know. It'd be a lot cleaner, and besides, I generally don't like accepting my own answers here on stackoverflow.

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Are you using Machinist 1 or 2? These suggestions for Machinist 2 and may or may not work in Machinist 1. I can't remember how you do this in Machinist 1 (and can't be bothered to google!).

To do it in the way you're suggesting, you need to use object:

Pressroom.blueprint do
  source { Source.make :pressrooms => [object] }
  site { source.site }

But a much nicer way to do it is to take advantage of the fact Machinst knows about the models associations and just let it do its thing:

Pressroom.blueprint do
  site { source.site }

Assuming your associations are setup correctly, that should work. See the Blueprints wiki page for more.

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I'm using machinist 1, but I'll try out version 2. object didn't work in version 1, it set my source to nil. The problem with the simple blueprint is that a Pressroom.make will do a Source.make, which runs the after_create callback, creates a pressroom, returns to Pressroom.make, which fails due to the unique constraint. –  Martin Svalin Mar 24 '11 at 17:15
I've now tried with machinist 2 also, but it doesn't seem to work. Pressroom.make! throws undefined method site' for nil:NilClass. Source isn't set. I've tried different approaches in the blueprint: source, source { Source.make! :pressrooms => [object] }, site { source.site }, site { object.source.site }` ... all I get is undefined method 'site' :/ –  Martin Svalin Mar 24 '11 at 18:17
hmmm, I think object.source.site is correct in machinist 2, but when it's being called, perhaps source been made yet. Did you try the combination of make! on the source, with object.source.size for the site? –  idlefingers Mar 24 '11 at 18:31
yup, tried that… now looking into an alternative solution based on webcrisps.wordpress.com/2009/08/13/… – stubbing the after_create callback. Not quite what I wanted, since I'd prefer a Source.make! to behave normally. –  Martin Svalin Mar 24 '11 at 18:38

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